Reed Ward Plastics (NW) Ltd work closely with all customers, some of whom are very well known in their respective industries, fabricating plastic products to suit their needs and requirements. We provide advice regarding the most suitable materials for a vast array of applications, where the needs can vary drastically and we can help design and fabricate successful solutions.


We can shape everything two dimensionally with special manual cutting tools from elegant curves to more complex irregular shapes. For the most intricate of shapes we can employ laser cutting techniques for super fine & precision cutting.


We can cut sheet plastics and piping to the exact length or dimensions that your job requires, using our specially adapted workshop tools. So when it gets to the job site, it is ready to rock and roll. Saving you precious time, energy and aggrevation.

Product Fabrication - Shaping, Cutting, Welding, Forming
Production Fabrication - Welding


We can bend and form plastic sheets in to 3D shapes in order to fulfill your specific requirements. Using a combination of techniques we can work with our customers to provide more complex and bespoke formed components.


Welding is a process used to join two pieces of plastic together as if it was a single unit. Creating a bond that is far beyond the scope of adhesives. Enabling us to create the highest quality, bespoke, plastic components for our customers, to meet their exacting requirements.

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Examples Of Our Product Fabrications

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